Accoutrements, Part 1

It’s Monday. I don’t work today [at my real job]. In retail we don’t have normal weekends so whenever I’m home during the week and everyone’s gone from my building (dorm?) I feel like I’m playing hooky from class. What better way to do so than play dress-up! Here are a few of my favorite things, though, unlike the Hammerstein and Rogers song, they’re more likely to give nightmares than quell them.

The antique store where I bought this bracelet is now shuttered, but there are tons of them up and down Magazine street, significantly less pricey than those on Royal in the French Quarter. Also amazing: the two junk shops on Dauphine & Royal in the Bywater. Treasure hunting is a favorite pastime.

Visited a friend in LA several weeks ago and found this Coyote tooth earring at Necromance on Melrose. They source their materials and craft the items themselves; this one was the among the tamest of their wares which included a fetal skeleton c. 1900, earrings made out of badger toes (purchased by my friend, see pic below), jewelry from beetles and butterflies and peacock feathers, jewelry from human bones (yes, really!), and all sorts of other bizarre and macabre items.

The coyote tooth is a solo piece; I usually wear a stud of some sort in the other ear.

And now, the piece de resistance, the thing that fills me with glee by the sheer knowledge that it resides in my closet: my Alexander McQueen silk scarf. I purchased this several years ago from Net-A-Porter, and it was one of the best things I ever did for my wardrobe. My version is gray and black, but the scarves come in an array of colors.

Skulls can be scary, but I like the playfulness and versatility of this design, especially in silk. It accompanies any outfit for any occasion and the gray is season-less: ladies’ luncheon, job interview, brunch with the girls, nails with mum, on your head at the beach, through airport security (because it’s lightweight for travel, doesn’t wrinkle, and says to the TSA: DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH ME, I’M HARDCORE) movie date, dinner date, grocery shopping in cutoffs, dog-walking in cutoffs, sampling sweets at Araya…the point has been driven.

Alternatively, you can wear it around your apartment on your day off with your Nike shorts and ratty old college tee while you blog about the item in question. Trust, you’ll feel 1,000,000,000 times more chic.

Speaking of millions and skulls and stuff, here’s what I did yesterday on my other day off (I got two in a row this week!). The Houston Museum of Natural Science just unveiled their new Hall of Paleontology. IT IS SO COOL. And I’m not even that geeky. No, really, I’m not…

It’s like “HAYYY Look at me WERK.” Replace that atlatl with a telephone and you’ve got the beginning of Naomi Campbell’s bloodline right there.

Bisou bisou,