All Pink Everything

by zoé b

Last Thursday was the annual Party in Pink at Hotel Zaza, benefiting cancer patients and survivors via the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation and a handful of the city’s 200 whose [social] health depend upon attendance at functions of these sorts. Only kidding! The party was circus themed—take from that what you will—and excellently executed. Everything, and I mean everything, was pink; even the water in the fountains and the rosé champagne that was [allegedly] being passed out (I never actually saw a full glass, sigh). Sprinkles Cupcakes provided treats, which, and this means a lot coming from someone who is not a big fan of cupcakes, were I think I ate, like, four. Later Sprinkles’ offered pink candy-coated apples. Precious to pose with, not as cute to eat. Wish I had taken more pictures, for you readers’ eyes to feast on (since you can’t have any cupcakes mwahaha), but I think CultureMap got it covered.

inconsPINKuous in the evening’s color of choice

wearing: Joie dress, Chanel pumps, Marc by Marc Jacobs purse. Earring by Necromance.

bisou bisou,