Video of the Week: Candy Candy Candy, A Three Part Confection

by zoé b

I recently attended an afternoon cocktail bridal shower, delicately catered with spoonfuls of risotto, sliders, and towers of macarons and little lemon tea cakes. As I reached for yet another of the rose-flavored (my favorite!) almond cookie and crème confections, the sister of the bride looked forlornly at my outstretched paw hand and then at me: “Tell me how it is…” she trailed off sadly. “Lent ended last Sunday,” I offered. “You can eat sweets now if you want.” The tiny blonde, still glum, replied: “I just sniff things now. I’m all about wafting.” Saying this, she leaned over the nearest table, and—whether to confirm her habit or amuse her audience—took a theatrical, albeit polite, smell of the sweets. I continued to chew my macaron, casting a sideways glance to take stock of the pink ones yet claimed. 

But for those with a sweet tooth thus inclined to aromatic indulgence, Candy now comes bottled as a new scent courtesy of Prada. 

Teaming with directors Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola, Prada also extends a public three-course offering of amuse-bouche videos, starring Léa Seydoux as the eponymous Candy, and two French dudes (who might be the same person; between the slim cut tuxedo jackets and turtlenecks I really can’t tell) vying for her love. But Candy loves Candy…and popcorn, banana splits, micro-bangs, birthday gateau, and doing the twist.

The films are fragrantly Wes A., and, just like a real sugar high, will leave you wanting more more more. Below, installment one. Watch the rest here.