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Charles Philip Shanghai <3

New shoes always make me happy, and these smoking slippers from Charles Philip are just the bee’s knees.

Happy Friday!

available at Neiman Marcus Stores, NeimanMarcus.com, and ShopBop.com




Prêt à Part-ay: Election Day Dressing 2012


November 6: Federal Election Day has arrived, but America’s real Decision 2012 is What To Wear To the Party. If you didn’t cast your ballot early and are still flip-flopping on your choices, stop it. That style is out of season. Put these on instead:

No doubt, Kansas loves its red Choos


Click your heels to the left?

Jimmy Choo and Miu Miu, Both at Net-a-Porter.com 


* * *

And what’s better than a Little Black Dress? A Little Red Dress—which is just as much a wardrobe staple as anything, and perfect for reuse (you’re a Republican, after all) at holiday gatherings. Or, if you’re the opposing party, an LBlueD:





If you’re keeping Mumm until the nighttime toast, take the politics out of the party and show love for your country in these non-partisan pants:


Or do it loud and proud in Catherine Malandrino’s so-bad-it’s-great American flag shift:


And just for kicks:



Oh and lest we forget—Green Party, your color is so in right now.


* * *


Wherever you are this fine American Tuesday–be it the Hill, the Rockies, the Great Plains, etc.–make the choice that fits you the best. What you do today could determine the next four years of your life.

Seriously, it takes that long to forget a bad outfit. 


xo Z

Slipping and Falling

When it comes to getting dressed, I take a rather Nietzschean approach: Follow trends I do not (and apparently take yoda-like speech patterns when discussing said dressing habits). Besides wearing one (almost shearling vest season, almost!), I don’t want to be a sheep, but even I cannot curl my toes up at this fantastic fall footwear trend: the smoking slipper.


Miu Miu Tassel Loafer

FINALLY, something new. Swear, it’s like you see the same silhouettes season after season—tortuous ones, all about the stacked heel or the flatform (Love, but let’s be real, in my line of work—and most—it’s just totally impractical to have that much material between myself and the earth. The feets! They hurt!). The SS does the same job as a ballet flat, but working a different silhouette on the foot it looks fresh and feels the same.

I don’t love cats the way some folks do, but Charlotte Olympia‘s kitty slippers are too cute:

Some of the cleverest shoes on the market. Stop it! My sole is aching.

To ease the pain: Pour la Victoire’s Astrid flat is fierce and financially feasible. I shall most certainly be acquiring these in Black Pewter (pictured) and/or Tobacco and/or Tobacco Yellow and/or Burgundy Red and/or  every single color way P.l.V produces.

Pour la Victoire’s Astrid Flat

Look, even Jeffrey Campbell, possible king of the stacked heel/flatform/sky-high-spiked-glittery-whatever is doing smoking slippers, so you know this is a thing:

Jeffrey Campbell’s Martini Suede Studded Loafers

If you get a pair (though really, you should acquire more than one) in green or navy or one with an embellished toe, you could work up to four fall trends at once—imagine that!—without looking stupidly overdone.

Said trends could be, and I’ll type this quickly with my eyes clothes so I don’t have to go around bearing the guilt and shame (Friedrich would be so disappointed) of advocating fashion en masse:

  • navy and green—fall’s it colors
  • embellishment in the form of brooches, which could technically appear anywhere, even on the toe
  • masculine and British influence via the style of shoe, and then the shoe itself which if you haven’t been paying a lick of attention during this entire post, is IT for the footwear this season.

Since I am disinclined to give a full fall trend report at the mo, here are some others who have so graciously compiled ones for you:

Style.com’s Fall Trend List

Ken Downing’s Fall 2012 Trends

xx Z