Get the Look: the Carrie Bag

In this week’s pilot episode of the CW’s The Carrie Diaries, a teenage Carrie Bradshaw goes bananas when her Joy-Division-listening, black-rubber-bracelet-sporting kleptomaniac little sister ‘Dorrit’ (what kind of name is that anyway?) steals their recently-departed mother’s purse and spills nail polish all over it.

AnaSophia Robb still needs to work on her character quirks—she hasn’t gotten the shrill Carrie scream with which SJP defined the older Bradshaw’s hissy fits—but she managed a mangled YOU RUINED MOM’S PURSE missive towards little Dorrit as she stomped away in her Keds. With age, Bradshaw will learn that the exiting staccato of a Manolo Blahnik heel makes a sharper impression on the source of offense.

But girls like Carrie don’t get mad—they get stylish. With a little nail polish and a little wit, she salvages her mom’s purse and assures Dorritt won’t ever be able to “borrow” it again, since she scrawls “Carrie” over it in rather large script. Rather telling of her future as a self-centered, name-plate-necklace-wearing columnist/author, huh?


And I, in a similar bout of literary egotism, saw the bag and thought what good material for my blog!! I too am fond of putting my name and initials any-and-everywhere I can.

SO, to get an accessory you’ll want to ‘Carrie’ everywhere (it wouldn’t be a SaTC-themed post if there weren’t a pun, right?) you will need:

  • a handbag/wallet/etc
  • nail polish
  • brushes (optional)
  • a soundtrack of New Order and Madonna (not optional. Both “Temptation” and “Lucky Star,” however, are recommended.) 

photo 2-1

photo 3-1

photo 1


  • If you have a fresh manicure, wear some disposable latex gloves.
  • Put newspaper or some sort of protective surface down, splatter painting is not a controlled activity (duh).

There isn’t much to splatter painting. Just get a lot of paint on the brush and let your inner Pollock free! I ended up just using the brushes that came with the nail polish, the extra sets were mostly unnecessary but might work better for writing in paintIn haste I used White-Out to personalize the piece. I wouldn’t do that again, at least not with a sponge tip.

photo 4-1

Et Voila!